Funds Raised


Help 600 homeless children in Kolkata reclaim their childhood by supporting their education, health, nutrition, safety & shelter through the Rainbow Homes program. The concept is simple: unused rooms in functional schools are refurbished and converted into a Rainbow Home, where all needs of the children will be taken care of - schooling, recreation, shelter, nutrition, tuition, healthcare, and most importantly, love and care. The idea is to ensure a safe and happy childhood for these children.
Long Term Impact:
The objective of this program is not only to lift these children out of savage poverty, but to yield mature, well-educated and responsible citizens with enhanced potentials to sustain their livelihoods in the future. Through a team of dedicated caregivers, community volunteers and State authorities, the Rainbow homes establish an internationally replicable model for diminishing child homelessness.
About the organisation:
Loreto in India is a pioneer in child centered, child friendly education. Since 1841, we have been providing inclusive education to millions of young girls through our formal and non-formal education centres.
With 8.15 million out-of-school children in India, we are focused on including within our reach, children and young adults, who are out of school, living on the streets or in rural areas with few opportunities.